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Audi Contract Hire Offers June


Our Audi finance options include Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Finance Lease.

Niche Automotive can provide the right solution for you by varying deposit amounts, terms, annual mileage, Fully maintainted contracts including servicing, tyres etc.

Audi manufactures exquisite cars – attractive, sophisticated and technically formidable. success stems from creativity, commitment and enthusiasm - and dedication to giving drivers and passengers exactly what they want. Consistently leading the way through groundbreaking innovations, Audi strive to continually advance and show what they mean by "Never Follow". See our latest offers for the full Audi range below.

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Audi A1 Leasing  
Audi A1

The new Audi A1 and A1 Sportback are appealing with their sporty lines. Their design is now even sportier, and the new bumpers make them two centimeters (0.8 in) longer at a length of 3.98 meters (13.1 ft). As an option, Audi can deliver the roof line (of the A1) or roof dome (of the A1 Sportback) in a contrasting color.

  from £159.99pm
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Audi A1 Sportback Leasing  
Audi A1 Sportback

A clear sign of the popularity of the Audi A1 and A1 Sportback is the over 500,000 cars sold since its market launch in 2010. The Audi compact models are now even more attractive, with benefits to both interior and exterior design. Fresh trim elements and paints give them an even sportier appearance. The small compacts exhibit handling that is like that of a mid-class car. The rigid car body and short wheelbase make them agile and manoeuvrable.

  from £159.99pm
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Audi A3 3 Door Leasing  
Audi A3 3 Door

The Audi A3 approaches the starting line with new driver assistance systems and engines as well as newly designed headlights and taillights.

  from £177.99pm
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Audi A3 Convertible Leasing  
Audi A3 Convertible

Sporty, elegant and multi-faceted - Audi presents the new A3 Cabriolet. The compact four-seater impresses at first glance with its flowing lines and soft top. It is also at the top of its class technically - with systematic lightweight design, new engines, multi-faceted networking and high-performance assistance systems.

  from £199.99pm
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Audi A3 Saloon Leasing  
Audi A3 Saloon

With numerous driver assistance systems, the new Audi A3 raises the bar in the premium compact segment yet again. The further developed Audi active lane assist and Audi pre sense front, including predictive pedestrian protection, make town and country driving even safer.

  from £199.99pm
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Audi A3 Sportback  Leasing  
Audi A3 Sportback

Sporty, versatile and progressive - Audi presents the new Audi A3 Sportback. The compact five-door model with the spacious luggage compartment breaks new ground in terms of vehicle weight thanks to ultra lightweight construction technology.

  from £177.99pm
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Audi A4 Allroad Leasing  
Audi A4 Allroad

The new Audi A4 allroad quattro is the most expressive form of driving an A4. It combines extroverted, individual design with maximum functionality. Its standard quattro drive in combination with the powerful and efficient engines makes it the perfect companion in any situation.

  from £222.99pm
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Audi A4 Avant Leasing  
Audi A4 Avant

For more than two decades now, the Avant models from Audi have been enjoying growing success; they offer a unique combination of esthetic design and functional utility. The new A4 Avant continues this tradition.

  from £189.99pm
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Audi A4 Saloon  Leasing  
Audi A4 Saloon

The new-generation Audi A4 and A4 Avant are a fascinating synthesis of technology and esthetics. All the technology in the brand's bestselling family has been redeveloped so that it yet again defines the benchmark in the segment.

  from £168.99pm
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Audi A5 Convertible Leasing  
Audi A5 Convertible

The Audi A5 models are now more distinctive than ever. The rear lights and the headlights have been redesigned and are optionally available in xenon plus technology with homogenous LED daytime running lights.

  Please Call
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Audi A5 Coupe Leasing  
Audi A5 Coupe

Audi revolutionized its mid-size class in 2007 with the A5. The Ingolstadt-based carmaker created a work of art that took fans around the world by storm. Nine years later marks the launch of the second generation - with a new, honed look and high tech everywhere. The new generation of the A5 Coupé is athletic, sporty and elegant.

  from £244.99pm
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Audi A5 Sport Back Leasing  
Audi A5 Sport Back

Seven years after the birth of the Audi A5 Sportback, the new version now makes its appearance. The five-door coupé blends elegant, emotional design with high functionality and abundant interior comfort.

  from £239.99pm
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Audi A6 Allroad Leasing  
Audi A6 Allroad

The winner in the business class has just gotten better - Audi has thoroughly updated the A6 family. New engines, transmissions and headlights, plus a new infotainment system make the Sedan and Avant more efficient, more powerful, more attractive and more sophisticated than ever.

  from £344.99pm
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Audi A6 Avant Leasing  
Audi A6 Avant

The new Audi A6 Avant - Progressive technological expertise, Audi is once again leading the way, with the new A6 Avant the trendsetter in the business class.

  from £232.99pm
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Audi A6 Saloon Leasing  
Audi A6 Saloon

Audi has redesigned its flagship executive class model. With its light body, sporty chassis and a wide array of new assistance and multimedia systems, the full-sized sedan is packed with innovative solutions in every area of technology.

  from £224.99pm
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Audi A7 Sport Back Leasing  
Audi A7 Sport Back

The Audi A7 Sportback is pure high-tech. Its body is very lightweight thanks to numerous aluminum components. The elegant interior shows a craftsman's level of workmanship. The four V6 engines combine refined power with groundbreaking efficiency.

  from £327.99pm
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Audi A8 Leasing  
Audi A8

Audi has launched the next generation of the Audi A8 - the sportiest saloon of the luxury class sets new standards. Its elegantly styled body with the Audi Space Frame (ASF) is aluminum, the engines are powerful and highly efficient,

  from £435.99pm
Click to view complete Audi A8 range
Audi Q2 Leasing  
Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 presents a powerful and energetic image at first glance. Two large, powerfully contoured air inlets and the highly positioned Singleframe radiator grille clearly give the front end an SUV look.

  from £262.99pm
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Audi Q3 Leasing  
Audi Q3

The new Audi Q3 is a premium SUV in a compact form. This genuine Audi sets standards in all aspects of engineering - from its body through drivetrains and chassis to its state-of-the-art assistance systems and multimedia systems.

  from £265.99pm
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Audi Q5 Leasing  
Audi Q5

The new SUV from Audi takes a sporty and taut stance on the street. A sculpturally flared Singleframe grille with a solid frame dominates its aerodynamically flat front end. It is available with headlights that are either in LED or high-resolution Matrix LED technology with dynamic turn lights.

  from £369.99pm
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Audi Q7 Leasing  
Audi Q7

With the new Q7, Audi is setting standards in the premium SUV segment. 325 kilograms less weight and the low centre of mass make it extremely agile. At the same time, it is the most spacious car in its segment.

  from £444.99pm
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Audi R8 Leasing  
Audi R8

No model with the four rings is closer to motorsport, none is more striking and more dynamic: at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Audi is presenting the second generation of its high-performance R8 sports car.

  from £1,869.99pm
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Audi RS Q3 Leasing  
Audi RS Q3

The RS Q3 transfers the performance philosophy of Audi to the compact SUV segment, thereby creating a new performance class," says Franciscus van Meel, Managing Director of quattro GmbH. "In addition to the RS5 Cabriolet, RS6 Avant and RS7 Sportback, the RS Q3 is the fourth RS model that we are launching on the market in 2013.

  from £416.99pm
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Audi RS6 Avant Leasing  
Audi RS6 Avant

The dynamic top model of the new A6 family is the Audi RS6 Avant. The high-performance sports car for everyday driving and recreation accelerates to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 305 km/h (189.5 mph). Its 4.0 TFSI engine produces 412 kW (560 hp),

  from £744.99pm
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Audi RS7 Sportback Leasing  
Audi RS7 Sportback

The Audi RS7 Sportback confirms the reputation of the RS models as the superior, top athletes of our brand," states Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development of AUDI AG.

  from £799.99pm
Click to view complete Audi RS7 Sportback range
Audi S1 Leasing  
Audi S1

Audi is presenting the S1 and the S1 Sportback, the new flagship models in the compact A1 model line. Their 2.0 TFSI develops 170 kW (231 hp) and produces 370 Nm (272.90 lb-ft) of torque; the quattro permanent all-wheel drive and the extensively revamped suspension put the power effortlessly down onto the road. The Audi S1 and the S1 Sportback set the benchmark in their class for dynamic performance.

  from £254.99pm
Click to view complete Audi S1 range
Audi S3  Leasing  
Audi S3

The sporty Audi S3 version comes with numerous innovations and has even further enhanced its dynamic potential.

  from £286.99pm
Click to view complete Audi S3  range
Audi S3 Convertible Leasing  
Audi S3 Convertible

From a visual standpoint alone, the Audi S3 Cabriolet cuts a sporty figure. It is 4.43 meters (14.53 ft) long, has a wheelbase of 2.60 meters (8.53 ft), and is 1.79 meters (5.87 ft) wide and 1.39 meters (4.56 ft) tall. The proportions are extended and balanced elegantly; precise lines and muscularly arched surfaces define the flanks.

  Please Call
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Audi S3 Saloon Leasing  
Audi S3 Saloon

The Audi S3 sets new standards. Its 2.0 TFSI is a high-output engine, producing 221 kW (300 hp) and 380 Nm (280.27 lb-ft) of torque, yet consumes on average with S tronic just 6.9 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (34.09 US mpg). The uncompromising chassis and systematic lightweight construction underscore the dynamic character of the four-door model.

  from £336.99pm
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Audi S4 Avant Leasing  
Audi S4 Avant

In the new S4 models, a fast and smoothly shifting eight-speed tiptronic handles power transfer. Their lower gears have short, sporty ratios, while the upper gears are long to reduce revs and fuel consumption.

  from £309.99pm
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Audi S4 Saloon Leasing  
Audi S4 Saloon

The engine can accelerate the Audi S4 from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) in 4.7 seconds, and the electronic limiter kicks in at 250 km/h (155.3 mph). Despite its considerably improved performance, the V6 is extremely efficient.

  from £283.99pm
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Audi S5 Convertible Leasing  
Audi S5 Convertible

The designers went with the sleek lines of the Coupé for the styling of the new Audi A5 Cabriolet. The rear window is now flatter and emphasizes the sporty looks, as do the short overhangs and the long wraparound hood with power dome. With a length of 4,673 mm (15.3 ft), the new A5 Cabriolet is 47 mm (1.9 in) longer than the predecessor model.

  Please Call
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Audi S5 Coupe Leasing  
Audi S5 Coupe

From 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.7 seconds. The new Audi S5 Coupé combines dramatic design with the performance of a sports car.

  from £316.99pm
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Audi S5 Sport Back Leasing  
Audi S5 Sport Back

The new Audi S5 Sportback combines emotional design and functionality with the road performance of a sports car. It accomplishes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.7 seconds.

  from £316.99pm
Click to view complete Audi S5 Sport Back range
Audi S7 Sportback Leasing  
Audi S7 Sportback

Audi has spared no effort in revising the A7 Sportback. The spacious five-door coupe is now even more powerful and attractive - thanks to new engine configurations, new transmissions, new headlights, taillights and new infotainment systems. The new A7 Sportback combines the emotional appeal and sportiness of a coupe with the comfort of a sedan and the functional benefits of an Avant.

  from £524.99pm
Click to view complete Audi S7 Sportback range
Audi SQ5 Leasing  
Audi SQ5

The Audi SQ5 has a 2,995 cc, V6 TFSI engine with an output of 260 kW (354 hp). The turbocharged, aluminum engine delivers a constant 500 Nm (368.8 lb-ft) of torque from 1,370 to 4,500 rpm. The sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) is completed in 5.4 seconds

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Audi TT Coupe  Leasing  
Audi TT Coupe

A completely revised edition of a modern classic is ready to take center stage: The Audi TT and Audi TTS celebrate their world premieres at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. The third generation of the compact sports car is again captivating, with its emotional design and dynamic qualities

  from £229.99pm
Click to view complete Audi TT Coupe  range
Audi TT Roadster Leasing  
Audi TT Roadster

A design that is full of character is fused with timeless aesthetics - the third-generation TT Roadster and the TTS Roadster mark the continuation of a great tradition. The Audi designers have reinterpreted the styling of this classic vehicle and complemented it with innovative components.

  from £245.99pm
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