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Bmw Contract Hire Offers January

Our Bmw finance options include Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire, Personal Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase and Finance Lease. Niche Automotive can provide the right solution for you by varying deposit amounts, terms, Annual mileage, Fully maintainted contracts including servicing, tyres etc.

We offer all the above contract types on the full Bmw range, to view prices, specification and quick facts for any of the BMW range, please click your required vehicle below.

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1 Series

The arrival of the all-new BMW 1-Series heralds the dawn of a new era. The third generation of the successful premium compact model draws back the curtain on the new BMW front-wheel-drive architecture, which fuses BMW's signature driving pleasure and dynamic excellence with a significant increase in interior space.

From £216.99

2 Series Active Tourer

BMW has face lifted the 2 Series Active Tourer and 2 Series Gran Tourer MPVs for 2018, with updates to their powertrains and subtle styling tweaks. Under the bonnet, the Active Tourer and Gran Tourer get received new efficiency-boosting powertrain tech.

From £249.99

2 Series Convertible

BMW 2-Series Convertible has focused squarely on building on the strengths which proved pivotal to this success. With even more grace, athleticism and sharpness about its design, clear advances in terms of acceleration, agility and efficiency, and improvements in the driving comfort, functionality and innovative equipment features it offers, the BMW 2-Series Convertible takes the qualities displayed by its predecessor to yet another level.

From £239.99

2 Series Coupe

BMW 2-Series Coupe BMW model family celebrates the premiere of another new model series - BMW 2-Series Coupe raises the bar in the premium compact segment in terms of dynamic ability, aesthetic appeal and emotional allure; a distinctive vehicle concept unique in its segment.

From £283.99

2 Series Gran Coupe

The first-ever BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe sees BMW bringing the four-door coupe concept that has already enjoyed great success in higher vehicle classes into the premium compact segment for the first time.

From £209.99

2 Series Gran Tourer

With the new BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer, BMW has carved out yet another new vehicle segment. With its generous space, versatility and groundbreaking flexibility, the BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer is the world's first premium compact model to offer up to seven seats and fully meet the mobility requirements of young families.

Please call for latest price.

3 Series Gran Turismo

The new BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo represents a high-calibre addition to the premium reaches of the mid-size segment. This new concept performs a genuinely unique role within the successful BMW 3-Series range and provides a fresh and distinctive take on aesthetic appeal, space and functionality.

Please call for latest price.

3 Series Saloon

The BMW 3-Series is the founder of the modern sports sedan segment and has been fêted as an icon of this vehicle class for 40 years.

From £234.99

3 Series Touring

Around one in every four BMWs sold is a BMW 3-Series Sedan or BMW 3-Series Touring, which makes this model series the most successful in the BMW brand's line-up.

From £246.99

4 Series Convertible

The new BMW 4-Series Convertible heralds a new era in the premium mid-size range of open cars offered by BMW. The new design language introduced with the BMW 4-Series Coupe is even more evident in this second model of the series.

Please call for latest price.

4 Series Coupe

The new BMW 4-Series Coupe represents a paragon of balanced proportions and the final chapter in a story of development. The "4" in its title headlines this new era for the Coupe and emphasises not only its stand-alone design, but also its even sharper sporting dynamics, increased exclusivity and clear technical differentiation from the BMW 3-Series range.

From £257.99

4 Series Gran Coupe

Styling cues borrowed from the spectacular BMW Concept 4-Series Coupe from 2012 are clearly visible in the design of the new BMW 4-Series, with the new models including elements such as hexagonally shaped full-LED headlights, a large air intake with eye-catching bars and full-LED rear lights.

From £227.99

5 Series Gran Turismo

The BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo combines elegance, space, comfort and variability in truly unique style. As an attractive, future-oriented extension of the BMW 5-Series, the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo is quite unparalleled worldwide in the upper middle segment, combining the characteristic features of a prestige saloon, a modern, highly versatile Sports Activity Vehicle, and a classic Gran Turismo in brand-new, unprecedented style.

Please call for latest price.

5 Series Saloon

The design of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan exudes athletic prowess, elegance and stylistic assurance. The new model therefore remains the quintessential sporting business saloon.

From £259.99

5 Series Touring

We offer the full Bmw 5 Series Touring range on the following contract types : - Business Contract Hire - Personal Contract Hire - 2 to 4 year contracts - 5,000 to 40,000 miles per annum - Fully maintained contracts available - Part exchange available upon request. Should the exact model you require not be shown please call 0845 2020158 for a full written quotation.

From £289.99

6 Series GT

The new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo combines the long-distance comfort of a luxury sedan with the aesthetic appeal of a coupe.

From £389.99

7 Series

he new BMW 7-Series incorporates an extensive design refresh at the front end that is now around 50mm taller at its foremost point. The traditional BMW kidney grille is now significantly larger and features active air flap control with adjustable vanes that only open when the need for cooling air is increased.

From £479.99

8 Series Convertible

The new BMW 8-Series Convertible blends ultra-sporty driving properties with distinctive design elegance and an extremely exclusive taste of driving pleasure in an open-top four-seater.

From £699.99

8 Series Coupe

The BMW 8-Series Coupe is a dream car boasting outstanding performance, emotion-stirring design, state-of-the-art luxury and exceptionally advanced equipment features when it comes to display and control technology, driver assistance and connectivity.

From £469.99

8 Series Gran Coupe

The combination of precisely drawn lines and expansive surfaces that runs like a thread through the BMW brand's new design language helps the exterior of the new BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe to strike a unique balance between dynamism and elegance.

From £442.99


The BMW i3 shows the way ahead to a new era of mobility. It is recognised the world over as a symbol of driving pleasure, sustainability and intelligent connectivity in the urban traffic environment, which is why it has become the best-selling electric car in the premium compact segment.

From £229.99


With its ultra-dynamic proportions, elegantly sporty lines, low-slung silhouette and innovative design features, the BMW i8 represents a new generation of sports car. Bringing together hallmark features of the BMW brand with the design language developed specially for BMW i cars creates a progressive aesthetic which faithfully communicates the performance attributes, efficiency and innovative premium character of the plug-in hybrid sports car.

Please call for latest price.

M2 Coupe

A single glance is all it takes to pick the new BMW M2 Coupe out as a member of the BMW M family, with its styling also keen to advertise its dynamic attributes. Inspired by models from the history of BMW in motor racing, the new M2 Coupe makes no secret of its extraordinary performance potential.

From £466.99

M3 Saloon

The BMW M3 and BMW M4 take motor sport technology from the track to the road, and thousands of laps of the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife - the world's most exacting race track - have readied the new models for that transition.

Please call for latest price.

M4 Convertible

The BMW M4 Convertible shares the elegant lines of its open-top 4 Series siblings. Its design language allows it to skilfully blend a distinctive and graceful silhouette boasting finely balanced proportions when the roof is open with an exceptionally dynamic coupe line, shorn off B-pillars, with the hardtop closed.

From £523.99

M4 Coupe

The high-revving six-cylinder in-line engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology newly developed for the new BMW M3 Sedan and new BMW M4 Coupe produces a maximum output of 431 hp. Its peak torque of 550 Newton metres (406 lb-ft) is available across a wide rev band and outstrips the figure recorded by the outgoing BMW M3 by roughly 40 per cent.

From £499.99

M5 Saloon

The new BMW M5 takes driving dynamics into a new dimension. Making its debut in the sixth generation of the highperformance sedan is the new M-specific all-wheel-drive system M xDrive.

From £745.99


The new BMW M8 Coupe and new BMW M8 Competition Coupe, plus the new BMW M8 Convertible and new BMW M8 Competition Convertible. The new models draw the energy for their exceptional performance exploits from the most powerful engine ever developed for a BMW M GmbH car. The high-revving V8 unit with M TwinPower Turbo technology develops 441 kW/600 hp in the new BMW M8 Coupe and new BMW M8 Convertible, and 460 kW/625 hp in the Competition models.

Please call for latest price.


The new BMW X1 - the successor to the model that blazed the trail for this class of car - treats the premium compact segment to an even more potent shot of Sports Activity Vehicle DNA.

From £209.99


Even next to its bigger brothers, the BMW X4 and X6, the BMW X2 makes a distinctive impression. The car's exterior design combines the low-slung proportions of a coupé with the robust core of a BMW X model.

From £259.99


The new BMW X3 cuts a visually more powerful figure with its new, modified twin circular headlights (LED headlights are optional), a more eye-catching kidney grille, new front and rear bumpers, and exterior mirrors with integrated turn signal indicators - shining an even brighter spotlight on signature BMW X model design features.

From £297.99


The new BMW X4 is based on the technical blueprint of the BMW X3, but displays a sporting character very much its own and takes dynamics to another new level. That much is clear when you view the new model head-on.

From £316.99


A wheelbase 42 mm longer than its predecessor's (now 2,975 millimetres), a 36 mm increase in vehicle length (to 4,922 millimetres), an extra 66 mm of width (now 2,004 millimetres) and a 19 mm increase in height (to 1,745 millimetres) give the new BMW X5 both an imposing appearance and generous levels of space for passengers and their luggage.

From £437.99


Armed with an even more potent design presence and outstanding performance, the new BMW X6 strengthens its position as a leading exponent of exclusive driving pleasure. The second generation of the Sports Activity Coupe, which has already posted global sales of almost 250,000, enjoys a special status among BMW X model rivals thanks to its irresistible allure, intoxicating performance attributes and innovative luxury.

From £457.99


The expansive exterior dimensions of the new BMW X7 take luxury to a new level. At 5,151 millimetres in length, 2,000 millimetres wide and 1,805 millimetres tall, and with a wheelbase of 3,105 millimetres, the X7 displays harmonious proportions and establishes itself very clearly as the new head of the BMW X model family.

From £778.99

Z4 Roadster

The new BMW Z4 takes to the stage 25 years after the legendary BMW Z1 began the modern era of BMW Roadsters. That Roadster turned heads when it was unveiled at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show not only for its revolutionary door concept, but also thanks to its agile and responsive handling.

Please call for latest price.
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